Fender, Roland, and BOSS sign on as sponsors for the upcoming Rock Band game. That means the game peripherals will be Fender "guitars," Roland "synths," and BOSS "pedals." Although there is good news in that you'll be able to use your Guitar Hero controllers with Rock Band.

There's not a lot of information out there about Rock Band yet. Other than it's probably not going to be available on PS2, which means that if I want to play it I'm going to need a new console. But whatever-- the game will be playable online, where you can actually form "bands" and "play" the songs together. Now we've got confirmation there will at least be guitars (with effects!) and synths/keyboards, and it's been hinted there will be drums. No word on how drums will be implemented, though.

Reading this little news bit this morning made me wonder how complicated the game will be or how important it will be to have multiple players at the same time (and whether I would even want to bother playing it-- which, honestly, I probably will), and I was thinking of writing and expanding on that, but maybe later. Any other Guitar Hero players have any thoughts on Rock Band?


Reason #541236 to hate Myspace: I didn't realize the computer speakers were on, and while I was moving the mouse to log into the site some damned ad just screamed "HI!" at me and I almost had a fucking heart attack.

Well done, advertisers! If people hate your banner ads enough, they're sure to buy your product. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

O M you know the rest I'm fuckin' tired

It's about 6:20 a.m. and I got home from the Music Box Theatre Sci-Fi Spectacular about 10 minutes ago. It ran about three hours long, so by the time it was over public transportation was running and I managed to avoid spending $10 on a cab ride home. It was really fun, I'll have to do a thorough write-up on it later.

However! One thing that made me extremely happy very early in the day was seeing the flyers for the upcoming Music Box Massacre 3! For those of you unfamiliar, the Music Box Massacre is a 24-hour horror movie marathon usually held on the second weekend in October. Naturally, I'm going to be constantly watching for tickets to go on sale. They sold out pretty quickly last year, and I literally look forward to this more than anything else all year. It is like Christmas for me.

So far the tentative lineup includes Halloween 3 (because it's the 3rd year), Black Christmas (the original!), A Bucket of Blood (Roger Corman beatnik horror film from the 60s!), Fright Night (HELL YES!) and Videodrome. Repeat: Videodrome.

I've been up since 9 a.m. yesterday, so just one last thing before I go collapse for the remainder of the day: for some reason the print of The Terminator that was shown at the Sci-Fi Spectacular had Spanish subtitles on it. During the prologue, a voiceover read the story introduction text in Spanish, leading us all to believe that the film itself was going to be in Spanish. It was almost a disappointment when it wasn't.

Midnight Show

Just got back from seeing Spider-Man 3 with msari. A few quick thoughts:

+ Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy. Seriously, if the movie had just been two hours and twenty minutes of her hanging out and doing stuff, I would have had no qualms calling it the best film Sam Raimi has ever made, and it would be in competition for Best Movie Of All Time.

- Gwen Stacy is in the movie for literally about fifteen minutes.

- The twenty minutes or so in the middle of the movie where everything stops dead so Peter Parker (under the influence of the alien symbiote-- just Google "Spider-Man," "black suit," "Venom," etc.) can dance around like a jackass. Embarrassing.

+ Bruce Campbell's cameo. You knew it was coming, but not like this. It's genius.

+ The alien symbiote and Venom looked pretty awesome.

- Venom is in the movie for literally about ten minutes. Maybe not even that.

+/- Interesting take on the Sandman character, and of course he looks spectacular-- reportedly the most expensive special effect ever created, he damn well better. But again, he's not given a whole lot to do. And his exit from the film is just weird.

- Actually, the whole ending is just weird. I really think Sam Raimi just couldn't figure out what to do with it.

+/- When Peter is under the control of the symbiote, he looks like a member of Fall Out Boy. If he had been wearing guyliner, it would have been perfect.

Overall, the film suffers from a serious case of Batman Returns-- too many characters for one movie. The whole Venom/Carnage storyline could easily have been its own film, and having the character shoehorned into this film was severely disappointing.

All that said, I would gladly pay to see the film again just for Bryce Dallas Howard. Seriously.


Is anyone else going to The Music Box Sci-Fi Spectacular this weekend? I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get home afterwards-- I'm getting there via walking my ass off and taking a bus of some sort, I imagine, but the thing's not going to be over until like 3 or 4 a.m.

I must confess I'm a little annoyed at some of the last-minute changes made to the schedule. Starship Troopers has been added as the last film of the night, and Serenity is now playing really early (scheduled for 4:30 p.m.). I'm excited to see Starship Troopers on the big screen, but that automatically adds 2+ more hours. At this point, it seems like they might as well have gone for another 24-hour event. Oh well. None of this really means anything, it's still going to be awesome, it's mostly just that I'm always looking for an excuse to spend more time in a theatre.

Some potentially bad news: If you didn't buy tickets for The Pipettes at the Empty Bottle on June 7th, they're sold out.



From Gorezone:
THE MONSTER SQUAD: Lionsgate Home Entertainment released the official word on specs for its 20th Anniversary DVD special edition of Fred Dekker’s THE MONSTER SQUAD will be released July 24. The movie will be presented in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio for the first time ever on North American video; the special features are:
• Audio commentary by writer/director Dekker and cinematographer Bradford May
• Audio commentary by Dekker and actors Andre Gower, Ashley Bank and Ryan Lambert
• Wolf Man’s Got Nards! The Making of THE MONSTER SQUAD documentary
• Deleted and extended scenes
• Monster Mania reunion featurette
• Vintage interview with Tom Noonan (in Frankenstein’s monster makeup!)
• Poster and still gallery
• Theatrical trailer
• TV spot


In other news that I don't know how I feel about: Michael Haneke's upcoming remake of his own film Funny Games is confirmed to be "...literally a shot-for-shot remake" according to the film's producer Linda Moran. " we haven’t changed the ending or anything like that."

Even weirder: "We actually had blueprints from the house that was used in the original, and we went on a soundstage and built a set that matched those proportions exactly."

So... wait, what?